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Brush Studio is a wonderful creative outlet for both personal and professional outings. My daughter loves to draw and paint. We discovered Brush the first week it opened and have been hooked ever since. It has been fun to watch her grow emotionally (she's become more patient, more confident, and better at problem solving) and artistically (she's learned new techniques). Though I am not an artist by any means, I find painting quite therapeutic and have enjoyed a few nights out with my friends. I have also purchased Brush certificates for birthday and thank-you gifts.

For work, instead of hosting the typical restaurant dinner/party and providing a sales meeting gift, we took our global team to Brush to paint an icon brand photograph, Patagonia Mountains. The Brush Studio artist assigned to the project did an incredible job recreating the original photograph in a way that our reps could easily follow. Our guests had an amazing time and were incredibly focused yet still had time to enjoy mingling and comparing paintings. Our Sales leadership was unsure going into the event, but agreed it was one of the best team activities we have done to date and incredibly low maintenance (Brush does all the work). Before giving the reps their paintings, we used them in a booth display for which we received Best of Booth Storytelling at the Outdoor Retailer industry trade show. I highly recommend giving Brush a try!

Sue Harvey Brown
Merrell, previously Patagonia Footwear

We really enjoyed our NYE class. Will definitely do another class soon. The directions were good enough for this total amateur to come out with a decent painting. It’s a great space and staff were lovely. Great date night or group activity!

Zoe Chamberlain

Very Very Nice People I Will Definitely Be Back I Had Been dying to try out one of these places my Fiancé took me on my birthday it’s was absolutely AMAZING The Staff was Beyond Great!!!

Trea Moore

I am from Muskegon and drove here last night with a friend to do something new and exciting and- the experience. We had more fun than we had anticipated and have been talking non-stop about planning our next visit. I’m a horrible painter and the instructors were patient and very helpful and kind. If you want to try something new and meet new people, this is a MUST!!

Cecelia Jo Gaffney

Our laid back atmosphere is a great place to try something new. Or for you Picassos, it’s an opportunity to get out and away for some entertainment. Either way you will leave with a newfound confidence.

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